The Shy Jeweller

The Shy Jeweller

It's the 21st February 2019 and for some reason today's the day I feel I want to start my blog!

So far it's been a funny old day, forgot my shop keys, had random objects launch themselves off shelves in the shop. Was thinking about, writing about and working on a customers earrings, and then she walks into the shop! Seems today is going to be one of those "Funny"days.

Just finished making a Promo ring for a customer and I am really pleased with how it's turned out. It's an idea I have had for awhile now and this customer is happy to let me try it out on her. I think this will be a design we will make more of, so keep an eye out for the new collection, just need to think of a name for the collection....................

Finished my day by starting to work on a spoon commission.

5.00pm the birds are singing, I'm off home now to walk my doggies. 

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