Busy Bee's

Love this weather, it really feels like Spring has sprung.

The  last couple of days has been crazy busy here in the shop.

It's been lovely having Zero in with me, as its an excuse to get out for a walk with her. We are so lucky to have Dinefwr just up the road, perfect place for a quick break from my bench work.

The spoon is finished and will be going off for Hallmarking next week, the emerald cut setting is also finished too. Managed to make a quick silver bangle to help a customer with an urgent birthday present, luckily had the perfect bullion in stock to make it.

Bit of a pile of polishing to do today, not my favourite job, but its got to be done.

Spoon having the bowl soldered on.

Handmade silver emerald cut setting, ready for a pre polish before having the shank fitted.

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