To meet our customer's demand for unique pieces, Barr & Co has a fully equipped workshop on-site at the Llandeilo gallery. The consultation area is relaxing comfortable space where you can talk and sketch through ideas with our designers. Some people are concerned that a bespoke commission means a lot more money, but that is not always the case. The cost is relative to the materials used and the detail involved in the workmanship; all of which can be adjusted to accommodate a budget.

The design consultation is free, and worth exploring as it affords the potential for a bespoke piece of jewellery exclusively made for you; whether it's re-cycling an old piece of jewellery that's been in your family for decades, designing a personalised engagement ring, or simply creating something new to mark a special occasion.

Contact us or pop in to make an appointment.

Over the years we have created a variety of commissions and jewellery re-modelling for our customers. We have collected a few selected photographs together to share with you some of the pieces made here at Barr & Co...


Tanzanite & 18ct Rose Gold Engagement Ring


Yellow Gold Heart Pendant & Diamond


Using customers gold and diamond to create a new piece to cherish. One half of the handmade heart is polished finished and the other satin to create a unique look to the overall piece. 


Storm Stacking Rings & 9ct Yellow Gold Polished Ring 


Expanding from our 'Storm' collection we set these gorgeous stacking rings with stones of the customers choice and added a simple 9ct yellow gold heart. 

Green Amethyst Candy Silver Ring 




Rally Car Silver Cufflinks

Bespoke engraved silver rally car cufflinks.  

Celebrating a Ruby Wedding Anniversary 

 Here's a recent commission we created at our on-site workshop for a wonderful couple celebrating their Ruby wedding anniversary, with a white and yellow gold pendant set with diamonds and a beautiful ruby. 



A recent repair that we had in the workshop was this beautiful diamond & sapphire cluster ring. We re-sized, repaired the worn claws & replaced a missing diamond. Here at Bentley & co we accommodate all repairs on the premises. Customers can feel reassured that their cherished items are repaired on-site by a jeweler with over 20 years experience. All jewellery is fully insured on-site. 

16th Birthday Commission


A wonderful yellow gold pendant we created for a 16th birthday present & engraved. 

Barr Birthday Surprise


A beautiful surprise in the gallery at the end of February 2016, from one very thoughtful husband to his wife. We created a white gold band with seven diamonds set for her birthday. Beautiful cake made by Heavenly, Llandeilo.

From Wedding Band to Pendant...

 A very simple and elegant recent piece we created using a customers wedding band. Without any remodel to the original ring, the customer provided the diamond from another piece she was not using & a chain she would not usually get much use from. Perfect way to use up all that unworn jewellery.


Pearl Wedding Anniversary


 A commission piece made to celebrate a wonderful Pearl wedding Anniversary. White Gold band set with two diamonds and a white freshwater pearl.


Multiple Unworn Rings into a Modern Piece



After a free design consultation with the jeweller, we came up with this design with the customer. Using the customers unworn rings, we took out the stones & melted down the gold and created this beautiful and elegant, modern ring.



Citrine & Smokey Quartz Silver Set Pendant

This lovely pendant was created for a customer that had a loose citrine stone. After attending on of free design consultations we came up with this gallery rub-over setting and inserted a smokey quartz stone to match some existing earring which she had.  


Textured Amethyst Silver & Gold Ring

Taking inspiration from our textured ring which you can purchase on our website, our customer brought in her treasured gold which she no longer wore. Claudine the jeweller melted down the gold and created this wonderful piece with an Amethyst set. 


Dinefwr Inspired Handmade Silver Spoon

 During the Festival of Senses 2013, Claudine created a handmade silver spoon whilst visitors watched the spoon come to life in our workshop. The piece was inspired by our local castle - Dinefwr.


Platinum Diamond Lifestyle Ring

Using a customers diamond cluster ring (see left image) we created a modern Platinum Lifestyle ring using the customers centre stone and five smaller outer diamonds.

Platinum and Gold Diamond Ring

 One of our customers wanted to a modern piece of jewellery by using the beautiful diamond which she had been given. We created a gold and platinum band and setting with a rub-over setting for the beautiful diamond to be set into. 


Dimples Hammered Gold Ruby Ring


Taking inspiration from one of our 'Dimples' rings from the engagement rings collection we created a beautiful coloured ruby ring for a customer celebrating a special anniversary.

Heart Jewellery for Valentine's Day


During January and February for Dydd Santes Dwynwen and St Valentine's day the galley has a hearts collection, each year we create different designs in a variety of materials. These can be made throughout the year also by contacting the shop.


 Sapphire and Diamond Ring

 Using the customers sapphire and diamond ring (see left images), we recreated the ring completely to create a modern ring. All the materials from the original ring were used, the gold was melted down to create a new band and setting whilst the diamonds now sit at the shoulders of the beautiful sapphire.



Llandeilo Silver Cufflinks

These lovely cufflinks are engraved with the word 'Llandeilo' as a present for someone special to remind them of Llandeilo.